Monday, December 31, 2007

For Sci-Fi Sarah

This picture was taken in 1980, and I am the blond. (I'm still shocked that I'm not still a blond, but that's another topic) I remember taking the tour at Universal and even though the Cylons were the bad guys, I still wanted my picture taken with one.

I remember watching Battlestar Galactica...I think it was in syndicated on Saturday mornings at that point though. My favorite movie as a child was Return of the Jedi. I loved watching Voltron, Buck Rogers (also in syndication) as well as the movie, and then later, I watched an awful lot of Star Trek TNG. I never really grew out of it, although I haven't seen enough to keep up with Sci-fi Sarah.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

The contented sounds of children playing--train moving, ponies jumping, and lots of fun--fill the living room. Santa blessed my kiddos with some fun toys.

Yesterday we enjoyed a wonderful day with our was our Christmas! We opened presents, played, went to Christmas eve service, and ate a fabulous dinner that was nearly stress free. What a joy-filled day!

My foray into yeast rolls--Grandma Flora's recipe--was ok. I really know so little about this type of baking. And I know they raised longer than they should have. But they turned out good enough to eat, and hopefully will make for lots of yummy ham sandwiches for my we will be eating ham until he goes back to school. :)

My man got me the Growing Pains first season. Funny thing about it was that I guessed it on Saturday at Christmas with my side...Now I know why everyone laughed so hard when I told him I thought he'd get it for me, so he could mock me about it! But it was a fun show, and so I'm enjoying seeing the first episodes. I don't think I started watching until 2 years in to its run.

As we sat and enjoyed our Christmas service, I was thinking about the humble way that God sent His one and only Son into the world. A Lord was born in a barn...full of animals...a cave really. No grand palace or even sanitized hospital room. He was there in the straw and dirt and manure...oh, I'm not saying Mary had him playing in the manure...but it was so humble. Born to a sweet very young girl (14?16?) and who knows if she had anyone to assist but Joseph. Personally, some of the Christmas carols say He was born in a manger...I don't see Mary squatting over the manger to give I get a little frustrated with those songs. But a baby--what is more humble than a tiny infant...a newborn who can only nurse to eat and needs everything done for Him. The God who created all things...lying helpless in a diaper.

Well, I need to prepare the salad for us to take to Christmas with Roger's family today. If you need it I did...take a look at for the Christmas Poem Reprise.
May your day be filled with the joy of the Savior and what He came to YOU!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

What are pimentos?

Really, I mean do they have a taste? Are they really a necessary part of a recipe? Is there any nutritional value?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Shire Folk headed your way!

OK....this just got announced today! And I'm so excited to hear that Peter Jackson will be producing these (yup, I said these) movies because it means continuity in look and feel for these movies and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. In my reading, I noticed that they discuss the difference in feel between The Hobbit and LOTR...The Hobbit being a children's book and LOTR not....and I wonder how they will piece together a prequel for LOTR or how it will fit with the Hobbit. I hope this isn't 2 films that should have been done as one....but it doesn't seem to be.

After The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything--A VeggieTales movie, and Prince Caspian, I have another movie to look forward to. :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I have been thinking about the recent shootings that took place at churches in my state. And right now, it seems unreal. I know it is real and people are suffering from some very real loss.

One reason it is unreal to me is because I grew up at Faith Bible Chapel with YWAM very nearby. YWAM is its own organization--I have friends and a cousin who did DTS with them. But my youth pastor for the end of High School came to us via YWAM, so FBC and YWAM still seem tied together in my mind. And Arvada is such a nice little suburb. I know it's changed since I lived there, but these kind of senseless things can happen in the most safe seeming places. Right now I live (almost) in Littleton...where Columbine HS is...and its the same kind of place.

Maybe that unreal-ness is why I have no trouble thinking of going to FBC for their Walk through Bethlehem this week. But I tend to think it is just like I felt after 9/11. Not long after that nationwide tragedy and shaking of our national sense of safety, I got on a plane for Chicago. Many people were afraid to fly. I just wasn't. It comes from a very real sense that God knows the number of my days. If I'm meant to go to Him, it could really happen any place or any time. He knows....I don't. I trust Him.

When I think about my family's safety, I struggle more with trusting Him, but I don't know why I should. I need to keep processing through His love and realize that we each have a day that is our last day. And when we have a living relationship with the Prince of Peace, there can be peace at the end....expected or unexpected though the end may be....there can be peace. I guess its easier to trust for me because my end I know will be in Jesus' arms. For my kids, I think of missing them or being without them or without my sweet man, and that is the hard part. The hard part is grieving and missing someone who you won't meet again until the other side. I am so thankful to Christ for His assurance that those who have Him as their Lord and Savior do not need to be hopeless in their grief. I know I will spend eternity with my man and my sweet daughter. And I pray in great expectation that my little man will choose Jesus at a young age.

1 Thessalonians 4:13
Brothers, we do not want you to be ignorant about those who fall asleep, or to grieve like the rest of men, who have no hope

So, I will continue to go to a place where my church family meets together. And I will live in the hope and joy of Christmas. And I will refuse to give in to fear. My God is victorious over all!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Their favorite season

My kids both love winter! They keep telling me that they do, but sometimes I think maybe they've forgotten how cold it really is.

Well, it turns out I forget how much I enjoy winter. After getting 5 inches of snow last night and this morning, we went outside after lunch...I got to wear my new snow pants that I bought last year...and we sledded in the front yard. It was the perfect size for them...but I'm envisioning tubing hills in the not to far out future. I always loved bringing my snowsuit to school...taking the extra 5 minutes to get ready and then rolling through the snow. Trina made a snow angel, and Alex told me how "slipaly" it was. We enjoyed our time together! Its my highpoint for the day.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Fun weekend

I had a blast this weekend.

Friday night....I went to Melanie's house for our Casa Girls' Sleepover! Melanie did a great job organizing and facilitating us getting to know each other. I enjoyed playing games and watching DDR with Danielle (DDR Queen), Carla, Hilary, Megan, Kirstie, and of course Melanie (hostess with the mostest). I stayed til almost 11, but then I had to head back home to prepare for....

Saturday morning...Tree cutting! We were nervous because of the weather predictions...but God kept the whole area clear from new snow for us. It was warmer up at Buffalo Creek than down in Denver. We highly enjoyed our time with Cindy and Anthony and our fun-loving kiddos. We got to see Smokey Bear (and no...there is no "the" in the middle.) and after the tree hunting and cutting and strapping to the car, we headed to the fire station for the Chilifest and pictures with Santa.

Saturday afternoon....Princess party. Trina got invited to a friend's princess party. She had so much fun...and even insisted on wearing the crown she had made to Sunday School in the morning. Our bummer for the day...DC lost the State Championship in overtime.

Sunday...our usual. Roger prepared the lesson in Marriage Matters, so that was fun. I think he could have sung O Come O Come Emmanuel very nicely, but he chose to say it instead. Rog had a meeting after church, so I took the kids to lunch with friends. The Broncos game sucked...but I still love them. And then Elevation fun!

If I can make it through this next busy week, it gets less crazy the rest of the month.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Hatred is a strong word

but somehow I can easily use it on the Raiders. Not the individuals, but really, I hate the team. I came to the conclusion today that if my own son (God forbid) were to play for the Raiders, I would not hope for him to win. If he played for another team...I could at least hope he'd win except when he played the Broncos...but if he were a Raider, I would pray for him to get a new career.

Shallow...yes. True...yes. Probable...not really...because not that many people make it in the NFL, and I sure didn't pass on any athletic genes...directly anyway.

Saturday, December 01, 2007


For whatever reason, I don't have much to say right now. I've been thinking about blogging, but not doing much about it. I hope you all are ready for a fun December.