Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The kids' calendar

Well, you'll be happy to know I passed on my love of the Broncos to my kids. They wanted a Broncos calendar over---Pixar, Winnie the Pooh, and Disney Princesses. Even over Peanuts...which is huge.

So, it is a fun calendar, but I had to doctor it. You see, they put it together QUITE a while ago. The January picture was of Travis Henry, of all players. Yeah, I don't really want to explain what a drug dealer is to my 3 year old, so I was glad it was the January picture....I cut it off, and we have twice the Cutler....January and December.

Even though its old....there is one last look at John Lynch in a Broncos uniform. But I sure wish it had Eddie Royal or Peyton Hillis.

Monday, December 22, 2008

For the LOVE

I love the Broncos! I have loved them since I was a kid. They are my team....and I'm a loyal fan. I watched when I was may have started with dad, but we watched with mom after they split up. I've gone through seasons of just following the scores...maybe catching a game or two. For the last few years I've been following much more closely.

So, over the past year or so I've started to really care about the players. I'm not just talking about the QB and the star receiver, but a lot of these guys. I've actually found myself praying for them....ok...maybe I'm getting a little crazy. No, I'm not just praying for them to win....or even praying for them to play their best...but I'm praying for them to connect with God and have a relationship with Jesus.

I hate to say it, but with the playoffs on the line next Sunday, I'm wondering if my prayers have been effective in a way i hadn't expected. Has this adversity....this pressure....come as a result of one or more of these guys asking the tough questions? What does God want for me?

I know that God works all things together for those who love Him. And I also know I tend to want to affect the game even when I know I have nothing to do with it. Just ask my family which colors they won't be allowed to wear next Sunday.

But somehow, I've come to love these a result of my love of this team. Now, for the LOVE....GO OUT AND WIN!!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Well, we got the kids tucked in, and we got our own pajamas on. I got the Hot Chocolate ready, and Roger got the coordinates in the GPS, so we could find the houses marked by the Rocky Mountain News. Trina was still trying to settle in, so she wasn't even in bed....but by the time we got upstairs, 20 minutes after tuck-in, Alex was asleep. WHY doesn't he fall asleep that fast most nights???? Anyway, we picked them up and loaded them in the car. We put on a Christmas CD (we were going to listen to KOSI's Christmas music, but when we turned it on, it was that rotten WHAM Christmas song. I could go a lifetime without hearing that one again). So, off we went. All in all it went well. No Hot Chocolate spills....lots of lights....8 Nativity hour and 15 minutes. Of course, Alex was ready to go home after the first 2 houses, but he wasn't grouchy about it and was asleep by the end. We had fun! I wonder if the kids will like it next year too.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Pajama Run!

Well, we are trying a new thing tonight...possible tradition in the making. I sure hope it is fun. Stay Tuned!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Advise please...

This week, a half quart of cooking oil spilled in my lazy susan. And so several things were sitting in the oil for several hours. Do you think I need to throw them out?


Oatmeal, Cornmeal...they come in the cylindrical containers, and there is an oil line on them.
Biscuit Mix...I can't tell if there is a line.
Powdered Milk...this is covered in a paper as well as the cardboard box.

They don't look oily or anything. Will it mess up how they cook?

Monday, December 01, 2008

Instead of my usual Christmas tree rant...

I'm posting an article for your enjoyment.

My reasons and Mr. Hay's are not the same, but I have to say I enjoyed the article. :)