Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

The contented sounds of children playing--train moving, ponies jumping, and lots of fun--fill the living room. Santa blessed my kiddos with some fun toys.

Yesterday we enjoyed a wonderful day with our family...it was our Christmas! We opened presents, played, went to Christmas eve service, and ate a fabulous dinner that was nearly stress free. What a joy-filled day!

My foray into yeast rolls--Grandma Flora's recipe--was ok. I really know so little about this type of baking. And I know they raised longer than they should have. But they turned out good enough to eat, and hopefully will make for lots of yummy ham sandwiches for my man...as we will be eating ham until he goes back to school. :)

My man got me the Growing Pains first season. Funny thing about it was that I guessed it on Saturday at Christmas with my side...Now I know why everyone laughed so hard when I told him I thought he'd get it for me, so he could mock me about it! But it was a fun show, and so I'm enjoying seeing the first episodes. I don't think I started watching until 2 years in to its run.

As we sat and enjoyed our Christmas service, I was thinking about the humble way that God sent His one and only Son into the world. A barn....my Lord was born in a barn...full of animals...a cave really. No grand palace or even sanitized hospital room. He was there in the straw and dirt and manure...oh, I'm not saying Mary had him playing in the manure...but it was so humble. Born to a sweet very young girl (14?16?) and who knows if she had anyone to assist but Joseph. Personally, some of the Christmas carols say He was born in a manger...I don't see Mary squatting over the manger to give birth...so I get a little frustrated with those songs. But a baby--what is more humble than a tiny infant...a newborn who can only nurse to eat and needs everything done for Him. The God who created all things...lying helpless in a diaper.

Well, I need to prepare the salad for us to take to Christmas with Roger's family today. If you need it again....like I did...take a look at www.jellyfishland.com for the Christmas Poem Reprise.
May your day be filled with the joy of the Savior and what He came to accomplish....in YOU!


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