Friday, June 14, 2013

I Prepared for you

Tonight God ministered to my heart with such sweetness that I can’t let it pass without sharing it with you. And giving Him glory!


One of the things that means the most to me is the little things that tell me I’m thought of when I’m not around.  A text, an email, a phone call out of the blue…even more so a card in the mail from someone I love.  That card in the mail says not only were you thought of, but I made an effort for you. That is one of the reasons I love gifts.


A few years ago my mom bought me a scarf for Christmas. It wasn’t on my list, but I had mentioned I’d like one.  When she saw it, she realized it had colors in it I wear often. It is one of the best gifts I’ve gotten lately. It told me that she knew me and thought of me.


Tonight, as I was enjoying the Hillsong United concert at Red Rocks, I was thinking about how our youth pastor and his wife had so generously given the tickets to us. I processed how it was so amazing, but, unlike my birthday when they had put together some fun surprises in the car I was driving up to Winter retreat, that it wasn’t like they had bought the tickets for us originally.


And here is where God spoke so clearly. Not in these words, mind you, for He is always so much more eloquent  and tender than I am.


“When they bought these tickets, I knew you would use them. I chose them for you. I am the one who prepared this night for you. (Don’t let it diminish in your mind because I also prepared it for all the people here at Red Rocks.) I went ahead of you in time, which does not bind me, and set this night up for you.


I started it with a worship song you knew and then merged it into Relentless because that is how much I love you… I knew how much Everlasting would mean to you because as you surrendered your heart, you knew you would still fail, but I wanted you to remember my Grace. I knew how many times you have listened to your vacation playlist, and how well you would know the Scandal of Grace, and how it would make you smile. I inspired the Colossians 1 passage along the way, so you could speak aloud my word with joy! I planned some songs that you wouldn’t connect with, so you could sit and rest and talk to me. It is at that point of sweetness that Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) reached in and brought a swell of love and emotion between us. 


There were other moments with other songs that you may or may not hear again, but all along, I knew you needed this night. How thirsty you’ve been to really worship me, but life and circumstances have held you back. I want you, Beloved.”


And so I am full! Even as I wake up from not enough sleep into a busy day, I am overflowing from the night God planned for me. And every day He plans things for me. Some days it’s the blue sky and others it is a kind word from a friend. But I don’t want to miss what he has prepared for me today or any day. Thank you Jesus!

Tuesday, June 04, 2013


So, my current TV obsession is Merlin. I like to say it’s current since I’m in denial that it is over.  But the last episode of the series was so moving that I’ve watched it 3 times. And it has encouraged me in my faith in a surprising way. 

Perspective 1

I am moved by Merlin’s loyalty to his king. I am moved by his unmovable devotion to the ideals of his king; time and again he denies his own interest for the interests of his king.  He does not push himself forward to take credit for what he has done. In fact, it is rare that anyone sees the way he works for his king.  When his king finally sees him for who he is, so many things come to light.  

“Why are you doing this…why are you still behaving like a servant?” “It’s my destiny as it has been since the day we met. I do this because of who you are.”

and later

“I was born to serve you, Arthur. And I’m proud of that, and I wouldn’t change a thing.”

I want to be devoted to my King like that! I am moved and challenged by that devotion and loyalty.


Perspective 2

After my initial frustrations with Arthur’s difficulty accepting his new knowledge of Merlin, I watched again from his perspective, and I saw something different.  I watched him struggle through feelings of anger and perceived betrayal, but he gradually moved to a place of acceptance. One thing that stood out to me was the kind of humility that I saw in Arthur as he realized that a person of great power had been walking with him and serving him for years.

And I ask myself, why would Jesus walk along with me and serve me? Why would He help me through my small life? Why would He who can do all things help me find my lost sunglasses? Why would the maker of heaven and earth wash my feet? I am humbled by this in a new way.


Thanks God for using a crazy TV show in my life to bring me a new appreciation for who You are and who I want to be for You.

Gotta keep going…

Sometimes things happen that hurt your heart. It’s hard not to be double-minded…to trust that God will give the wisdom you need. Or more likely, that you’ll know and act on His voice when He gives the wisdom.