Saturday, March 29, 2008

1/2 more

Yeah, we are halfway done with Season 2 of LOST.

And no, we haven't been cleaning the basement all that much.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

1 down

Well, Friday night we finished season 1 of Lost. It was Spring Break, so we had a little more time than usual to play with...we stayed up later than we should have. So, we are just 4 or 5 episodes into season 2. We are experimenting with using Lost as a motivator to work in the basement. If we do 15 minutes in the basement, then we can have our episode. Not sure how its working for Rog, but I think it will help me get on the ball. We shall see.

I went on IMDB just to look at season 1 stuff, and on the message board there was a spoiler about a couple of characters dying...and it REALLY bummed me out. Two of my favorites aren't going to make it. *sigh* Hopefully I'll start liking some other characters before that all happens, otherwise I may lose interest. I guess I don't really need to worry yet.

Well, gotta get cracking on my 15 minutes. Hope your basement is cleaner than mine.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Sad Moves

The Broncos have made some sad moves this week. :(
They let Jason Elam go...he's going to the Atlanta Falcons. A strong believer, one of our two last from the glory days, and a good kicker. How could they let him go?
And now...Andrew Mason, the editor in chief of Mason's blog kept me in the loop and up with all the Broncos stuff. I checked his blog before I even bothered to go to the main site. Now, he's been laid off. How will I keep up:?

For a team I love...they sure aren't doing well in their choices this week.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Where do you find a Polar Bear in the rainforest?

Dora or LOST?


Yes, I have to say I'm truly wondering if the writers of LOST have read Meet Diego or seen the video starring Dora the Explorer. Because why else would we have two instances of Polar Bears in Rainforests? In Meet Diego, we see the bear has an extra, brown tail which belongs to Swiper the Fox. Will the survivors on the island find the same thing? All of a sudden, will a thief emerge from the skin of the Polar Bear and steal something important?

Well, Roger and I took up watching LOST online. We are 14 episodes into season 1...and we just started last week. I am hoping to finish the season this week. :)

BTW--If you want an interesting fantasy book about a Polar Bear, I recommend East by Edith Patton.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

My website

So, I visited my website recently, and I have been pondering if I should dismantle it and make my blog my primary site. Are websites so "90s" and now that we are closing in on a decade in the 2000s, I should move on? I spose if I keep it, I really need to update. Much as I love KOTOR and Age, I just don't use my time that way anymore. I'm still loyal to MS and UNC... Hmmmm. I'd love your thoughts.

Trina wrote...

Bad. She likes PB&H (honey) sandwiches, and she really doesn't like J (jelly or jam). So, one day last week, she asked for some paper, and she made her feelings known!

Well, after being a bit negative about the Jelly, she decided to make sure we know what she does like. Milk really does the body good!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Whenever I give Alex choices, he says both!

Just a minute you want a ham sandwich or peanut butter and jelly? "bof!" In the same sandwich? EW!