Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Well, we leave soon for a road trip. I'm excited. I'm planning, planning, planning. I have more to do than time to do it. I have more to bring than space to cram it into. I have ideas enough but no way to know what God has planned for our little fam on the road. (Please, Lord, safety!)

The part I'm the most unsure about I'll call the LONG RED of UTAH. (Can't you hear Gandalf? Sounds just like the LONG DARK of MORIA). We have splurged and used some gift cards and gotten a little travel DVD player to help with this particular stretch.

Please pray that Katrina will be in full health and the rest of us will be healthy as well.

Wedding, Disney, the beach....then back again.

Friday, May 26, 2006

And the winner is...

Not only was he recognized for outstanding work more than once with a 2nd Huskie of the month...He is now officially
Huskie Staff Member of the Year!!!!!

He's amazing! :)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Walk for Alternatives

Hello friends! Will you please consider supporting me in the Walk for Alternatives? This walk is a way to spread the word about Alternatives Pregnancy Center. APC is a ministry to women in a crisis pregnancy. They provide counseling, free ultrasounds, and other help to women dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. APC also works in the public schools to educate students about STDs and other emotional and physical complications of premarital sex.

My walking team is walking in honor of AnJolie who was born this year and in honor of her mom who chose life for her. I believe strongly in the work APC is doing or I wouldn't ask you to support me as I walk for them. I hate fundraising, but I'll overlook my own discomfort and ask you...Will you please support me? Even a small amount will help.

Christmastime is here

in my living room. Despite my trying to hide it, Katrina found her Charlie Brown Christmas DVD! Well, she's sick, so I guess I'll let her have Christmas.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Katrina is rarely sick. She has a great immune system. Sadly, she has something now, and I am really unsure of what it is. It seemed like a yucky cold...then fever...then rash. I would guess I"m spending some quality time at the doctor's office tomorrow. Did I mention she isn't eating...I think she had a piece of bread with margarine today...and apple juice. I can't see into her throat very well, but it doesn't look good.

Please pray for her quick healing.
Please pray that Alex, Rog and I don't get it.
Please pray that whatever it is didn't get spread to her friends this week.
Please pray for my sanity...going on lots of not continuous sleep doesn't make me compassionate.


Right now as I look at my calendar, I see nothing. No MOPS, no Bible Study, no youth group...it must be the end of May.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Kitchen Jenga

Have you ever played Jenga? Well, at our house we(and by we I mean mainly I) play Kitchen Jenga. It can either be played in the sink, on the counter, or today's favorite in the trash can. In this game, you keep piling things on top of each other in the can and see if you can keep it from falling over. When things start falling over...that is the sign that you better STOP playing and get it taken care of. *sigh*

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Celebrating Motherhood

Tonight I got to spend the evening with my sister and my mom. What a special time! We rarely see each other without the little ones around...therefore, not a lot of uninterrupted conversation. We had such a nice time eating at Maggianos and walking around the mall. I am blessed to have wonderful, godly women as a part of my family...a part of who I am from such a young age. We got to celebrate the legacy...I'm looking forward to more smiles and fun tomorrow.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Plug Party

Katrina has had a pacifier (known in our home as plug) since she was born. She is now 3. I've been talking about her becoming a big girl and giving up her plug recently. Finally, I struck the right chord...we would have a party!

Katrina had her Plug Party on Thursday. She had cupcakes and decorations. She sucked her plugs a little, and then put them in a box. We wrapped them up to "give" to baby Andrew...a newborn brother of Katrina's close playmate Jaime.

Well, Thursday night was not fun. Friday, she wouldn't nap, but did sleep well at night due to the lack of daytime sleep. It is now 10pm, and she's still not asleep. Sleeping with her in her little toddler bed until she's asleep has helped...but it won't be a long-term solution either. I've heard it takes a while to adjust. As long as a while isn't much more than a week, I guess I'll be ok.

I'm really proud of her for giving it up. I just wish I knew what she could use to comfort herself during this transition. Right now, she is upstairs giggling.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Things not to teach a 3 year old--Volume 1

To use a remote control
Not because said 3 year old will damage it...but because of the "unlimited cosmic power" and temptation to keep watching videos even after you set a limit.

Location, Location, Location

Alex is a Cheerios kid just like his big sister. He just ate a ton of them...then he threw a fit and wanted to get down. He then proceeded to find the Cheerios and Kix on the floor and eat them.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Back to life

I had a terrific weekend! I love the wonderful ladies in my room...they each have such a unique story of God's love and His path for them. The talks were wonderful and the worship was excellent. Besides my forgetting a few key things, it was without problems.

Now...back to my life...already in progress.