Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Fun weekend

I had a blast this weekend.

Friday night....I went to Melanie's house for our Casa Girls' Sleepover! Melanie did a great job organizing and facilitating us getting to know each other. I enjoyed playing games and watching DDR with Danielle (DDR Queen), Carla, Hilary, Megan, Kirstie, and of course Melanie (hostess with the mostest). I stayed til almost 11, but then I had to head back home to prepare for....

Saturday morning...Tree cutting! We were nervous because of the weather predictions...but God kept the whole area clear from new snow for us. It was warmer up at Buffalo Creek than down in Denver. We highly enjoyed our time with Cindy and Anthony and our fun-loving kiddos. We got to see Smokey Bear (and no...there is no "the" in the middle.) and after the tree hunting and cutting and strapping to the car, we headed to the fire station for the Chilifest and pictures with Santa.

Saturday afternoon....Princess party. Trina got invited to a friend's princess party. She had so much fun...and even insisted on wearing the crown she had made to Sunday School in the morning. Our bummer for the day...DC lost the State Championship in overtime.

Sunday...our usual. Roger prepared the lesson in Marriage Matters, so that was fun. I think he could have sung O Come O Come Emmanuel very nicely, but he chose to say it instead. Rog had a meeting after church, so I took the kids to lunch with friends. The Broncos game sucked...but I still love them. And then Elevation fun!

If I can make it through this next busy week, it gets less crazy the rest of the month.


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