Saturday, January 17, 2009

Preview Update

I just wanted to let you know...cause you were probably waiting with bated breath...

Alex and I had a good day together. We worked together, and we had some time to work on our own. It went well. Around 3pm, the little guy started obviously, we need to plan for outside time, but I think we'll be ok next year. :)

I also know that some of the things I'm foregoing this Mops, Morning Bible Studies, and such will have to return...both for him to be around other kids as well as for me to be around more adults. This kindergarten year is interesting. I'm glad I'm doing it this way, but I'm also glad next year will be a whole new adventure.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Preview Day

Well, today Trina has school all day...she has a field trip and is excited for her first ride on a school bus. She's there right now. I know she is having long as the walk isn't toooo long.

Today, Alex and I get to see what next year will look like. What is it like being just the two of us all day long? How will a boy who has had a sibling to entertain him from the beginning feel about being the only kid? And how will mom handle being the entertainer again?

So far, Alex turned down Hot Chocolate with dad to come home. He has a cold, so that's the only reason that makes any sense to me. His first desire....make banana bread with mom. No problem. Now he's exploring the toy box. So far so good...but it's only 10:25....we have until 4:45 til the rest of our family gets home.

Stay tuned to see how many things I'll have to schedule in our week next year just to keep my boy happy and occupied and learning and not driving me batty!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Last week, I was in the grocery store....without night.

First, I had a lady randomly start talking about food prices to me. No problem....I chatted a minute, and then we both moved on.

Then, a man approached me because we were both wearing a green jacket. He asked me about my Christmas and wanted to tell me about his. He is single...maybe in his 50s...and so right away I realized that this guy probably doesn't have a lot of folks to talk with. So, I prayed....Lord, help me to be friendly to this guy. I chatted with him a little...still guarded, but trying not to be rude. When he asked my name, I declined. I felt a little odd about it, but I told him I don't really give that out to folks I don't know. I was starting to feel like he wasn't realizing where its socially acceptable to draw the line with grocery store chatter...but soon he moved on.

I was on the last aisle, so as I headed to the register, I saw this guy in line. I decided that I didn't want to talk to him anymore, so I shopped a few more aisles...but finally I gave in. He was at the register and I was 2 people back. Since it was night, I decided in my head I'd ask the security guard to watch me walk out. This guy is probably harmless, but for whatever reason I decided I'd feel better this way.

As this guy walked to the door, he stopped and started talking to the security guard. When I was up at the register, he was still there talking to the security guard. OK, now what??? One of the managers was bagging my groceries, so I told him my dilemma, and he offered to walk me out. He said the guy was a regular, but wondered if he had said anything threatening. at all...he was just a little too friendly.

It's sad that someone being friendly...or obviously lonely...can make a girl nervous. I felt silly getting an escort, but I would still do the same thing. I pray that he finds some people who can reach out to him....but a girl by herself at the grocery store probably shouldn't be one of them.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

It'll be fine in 2009...

but I am shooting for higher than fine.