Friday, November 02, 2012

Like mother, like child???? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

“Well, he didn’t lick it off a post!”  That’s the saying around here for when kids are like their parents.  Maybe it’s the height or the sense of humor that they get from us.  Or maybe, it’s something much more destructive.

Today I saw a little boy overcome with grief because his friend is moving away.  Oh wow! I’ve been there in the last year…too many times. And it’s hard to get moving in the morning, when all you want to do is cry over your loss.  It sounds like such a normal part of life, but deep down it really just makes you feel like that pumpkin…guts scooped out into the trash.

Even worse though, was the little girl who was so downtrodden by the big loss in soccer and the rowdy table group that she wondered why she was even alive?  Overdramatic…maybe…but real, honest feelings of meaning nothing to the people all around you….yeah, I’ve been there this year too.  Living the lie that what people think about you is your only worth.

I just want to cry myself seeing these things in my beloveds. I don’t want pass that anguish on to my kids. I want them to be so much healthier than me.  How am I supposed to fix this?  Well, here’s a good start…Pray like crazy and love them with all I’ve got!  And get healthy, so they have a good example not a bad one for self-worth and friendship.