Saturday, December 26, 2009

A real Christmas

Well, Christmas is almost over. We celebrate with my dad and step-mom tomorrow. Then Christmas 2009 will be one for the books. But what kind of book would it be in? It won't be in the book about picture-perfect Christmases or the one about tragic Christmases. It won't be in the one of dysfunctional family Christmases or the one about idyllic Christmases full of great conversations. It was Christmas, it was nice....

I got some good gifts. My favorite was a scarf that my mom bought me that wasn't on my list. I didn't really give people many ideas for gifts...and I got almost everything I asked for. And I even got some money that I can give to Advent Conspiracy (late). I think I only have one thing I need to return.

My cooking had its highs and lows this year. The two types of treats I made did not turn out like I wanted. And I feel like I really didn't contribute to our extended family stuff enough. They don't ask much...but I hope that isn't because they don't really expect much from me. My dinner for our special little family went really well...even the peppery gravy that Alex liked.

But as I sat with Roger on the couch last night and cried--Cried about my own insecurities and struggles--I looked at my tree. And my tree defined this Christmas:

it's real

It's not's not "perfect" like people who like fake trees tend to think they are.(don't get me started!) It's got a few holes, it's not completely even, it wasn't grown at a tree farm where it was carefully tended by's just right out of the forest real.

I had a real Christmas.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


There is this song "Famous One" by Chris Tomlin. And I admit I sing it, but I've always been troubled by it. (I spose I shouldn't sing it then, but I do.) So, why does this concept bother me? Because currently I see fame as shallow. Shallow and drawing attention to meaningless stuff. People that are famous might be talented or they might just look good. Or maybe neither...maybe their parents are just rich or talented. And when you are famous, people look for ways to make you look bad...which is really just normal a lot of the time...or else they try to make you look angelic...which is really just airbrushing.

And how does any of THAT apply to the God of the Universe?

People use Jesus name often...but they aren't really thinking of Him...they are swearing.

People try to make Jesus or his bride look bad....or angelic... Jesus is ultimate Good. We as his bride might look either on any given day.

God isn't shallow...He cares about the important things. He cares about who people really are.

God made meaningful stuff. Even the smallest thing he created has such amazing depth and beauty.

He is the definition* of famous: widely known; honored for achievement; excellent; first-rate

If only he were honored more!

*definition from Merriam Webster Online