Friday, July 15, 2011


Sequels are hard for me. Often they take characters I love and show me that they didn't have the happy ending I wanted for them.

Pirates of the Carribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
They should have just let Elizabeth and Will live happily after returning Capn Jack to the sea.

Speaker for the Dead
I want Ender to really find happiness with the Hive Queen and the Piggies and a new family of his own.

Why on earth did they have these straight to DVD sequels?????

So this week when we got to the end of Season 2 of Chuck, I wondered...will I regret that I am still watching? I've heard such mixed reviews. Should I just leave Chuck and Sarah in love and Chuck updated with Intersect 2.0?

Life isn't really happily ever after. We don't reach a point where we stop having issues or problems whether great or small. On this earth, even some of the greats had sad, sad endings.

David--a man after God's own heart, but with a screwed up family and a dead son who tried to kill him.

Solomon--wisest, but obviously didn't apply the wisdom to himself.

Princess Diana--we wanted so many things for her...but she ended up run-down in a tunnel.

In my heart though, I still long for those happy endings because I believe in the ultimate happy ending. My life here ends, and I spend eternity with my Savior: no sin--just perfect unity.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Do not let me run, Lord!

The longing
The yearning
To be complete
In union with You
The desire to be filled
No longer broken
Or lonely
But utterly whole
Unaware of myself
Living only in You
It drives me to the intimacy
I greatly desire
And usually run from
Do not let me run, Lord!
Hold me tenderly
Embrace me in a new way
Draw me into a place
Where I am aware of Your love alone
Where need is no longer
Even a memory

copyright 2011