Friday, April 25, 2008

Caught up

So, we are officially caught up on Lost. Perhaps we'll have a life again now. I'm really not sure what we'll do at night now. Maybe we'll watch all the enhanced versions....

Did I mention its movie season?

Its almost movie season

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


So, does anyone use a frydaddy anymore? I think I've only used mine 3 times in almost 12 years, and if I don't see a use soon, I'll likely say adios. Anyone still frying stuff?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Afternoon tea

I had a lovely afternoon tea at a friend from jr high and high school's home. Tea, homemade scones, little sandwiches...the works. It was lovely, and it reminded me again of something that I've been convicted of lately.

You see, I don't have people into my home. I just don't. And I've known for years that I needed to cultivate this skill, but I avoid it. Others have invited us to their places, but we RARELY reciprocate. Its not at all that we don't like these people...its mainly that I just feel stressed by my messy house and small space. The thing is...I do fine when I do have people over. So, its time to stop being lazy.


Interesting morning

On Thursday night I was told I had a message from one of my bosses, and I thought I got the gist of it. I emailed the ladies in my playgroup to warn them about parking issues, and got to the hospital early. When I got there, I found that my room was being used. After calling around with no luck, I finally decided to listen to my message. My boss had told me to cancel the class because of all the issues. *sigh* I was blessed that they found us a room across the street, so the ladies in my group hadn't braved the parking for nothing. Unfortunately, at least one mom missed the group because the message didn't get passed on to her.

When we got to the room they assigned to us, there were workmen in it, so we had to switch to ANOTHER room. Then, as my speaker began talking (she was talking about singing with and to your baby) the workman start using a very loud drill. It wasn't for long, thankfully, but it sure made for a nutty morning.

Later that morning I went grocery shopping, and the power was out at the grocery store, so I shopped in the dark and had to guess where my cold food was based on my memory.

I hope I don't have to redo a morning like that for a long time!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

We finished season 3 yesterday.

Monday, April 14, 2008

....everything I ever did.

Lost--(3rd season) The Others know details of the survivors lives...including things that don't seem to be common knowledge.

Jesus, the one and only Son of God, knows the details of each of our lives

Lost-- Juliet (an other) tells Sayid and Sawyer about one of the biggest sins in their lives.

Bible--(John 4) Jesus speaks with the woman at the well in Sychar and tells her one of the biggest sins in her life.

Lost--Juliet shames them and makes them feel small. They stare at her with contempt

Bible--Jesus is truthful but kind to the woman and draws her into a relationship with Him.

Sometimes we can be so self-righteous. I'm glad Jesus is just plain righteous!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Kindergarten is coming

We went to a literacy meeting at Trina's school last night. And it was strange that I got teary eyed a few times...well, maybe it shouldn't be unexpected, but I guess I didn't figure I'd get so emotional until the first day.

I wasn't at all surprised how kids learn a love of reading through their parents or all of the things that can help kids get ready for reading and writing. I was a little surprised about how adamant they were about the kids not using markers...I'd never heard how pencils and crayons are so much better for their hand strength and introduction to writing.

I was surprised how overwhelmingly frustrated I was when the principal started advocating strongly for full-day five-day-a-week Kindergarten. I was angry! Now, I grant, that if a child is in daycare already, I would definitely advocate for them to be in a learning environment instead of childcare that is not focused on the child's learning and development. But there is no way my 5 year old needs to be separated from me (her First Best Teacher--as they put it) for more academics when she can learn so much from me...including morals and values that they can't instill at school. I'm absolutely for choice in this area...but not a mandated extra grade level.

Why do kids have to grow up so fast? Why do we push them into the arena when they are so young? Why can't they ease into school?

I enjoyed the evening, and apart from the principal's statements on that one area, I am so excited about the school and all the Trina is going to learn. :) We get to go again in May, so I look forward to that time with Trina and Roger. By the end of May, we should find out what schedule she will be on, but we won't know her teacher until July.

I guess its time to get out Robert Fulghum's Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.

Monday, April 07, 2008


"Political correctness is tyranny with manners." Charlton Heston

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Summer shoes

So, I'm going to order some shoes online. I'm a little scared about it because I've never tried to buy shoes online, but I found some I like. Now I need to decide on the color. I decided to try some fun shoes...they'll mostly be at home get stuff done shoes, but I'm sure I'll wear them out sometimes too. I'm really not a shoe person...but I've been warming up to the idea of something fun. Do I want pink, lake, or celadon? Vote soon, I'm ordering this week!


Potty Training is such a roller coaster.

Ask child if he needs to go before you jump into the shower.
5 minutes later he comes in while you are showering with wet pjs and underpants.
Then suddenly a few minutes later, he's gotten on the potty all by himself and takes care of business.
Another accident...on the side of the couch and floor.
Then while running around in the buff he uses the potty 3-4 times correctly...bladder and bowel at least once.
Now all of a sudden, my last pair of clean jeans are in the washer because of wiping issues.
AAAAAA!! I know that people everywhere survive this stage...and just when I think I'll follow Tapango and just wait til he's 3, he amazes me.

Please Lord, help me not put my own emotion into this process. Keep me sane!