Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Best Present

Today is my birthday! I love, love, LOVE my birthday! And today has been so amazing...let me tell you why.

I realized recently and had it cemented in my head at the youth retreat this weekend that it is not your job, as my friend, to fill me up. Only God can do that.

When I let go of my expectations and just depend on God to fill my need for love, I'm so open to the love from others. The love I get is icing on the cake. I don't need it, but it adds sweetness to my life. My relationships will be healthier.

I sat down this morning with God. He showed me love through His Word. And now instead of being stressed about who will remember my birthday and who will text me and who will fill my tank...I'm just happy.

That's the best present I've gotten!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Musings over Starbucks

When people leave, I tend to take it personally: when they leave our common church home, when they leave town, when they leave the groups we have together. Because really, I should be enough to make anyone stay. Wow! Do I really think that way? Not literally but somehow I want it to be true. I'm worth you staying around....right?

So today as I talked with a close friend about my messed-up thinking, it came back to who will fill me? Even at their best, my friends and family can only fill about an inch of my Venti cup. And so I sit around waiting for people to fill up that inch of my need for significance, but it is never enough. It is sweet when it comes, but like the syrup in the bottom of the cup, it's just not satisfying all by itself.

I need to stop looking to people to fill my cup and go to God. God is ready to pour out His love on me...love that isn't fickle or transient. His love is full and satisfying. And it's enough. It's enough to overflow my cup....with foam even.

(I need a Bible verse to help me remember this...anyone have a good one for me?)