Saturday, September 30, 2006

I'm blogging this

We had a busy day today...plans with friends after the wedding. It was a fun night. I wore my "I"m blogging this" t-shirt, but it was such a low key relaxing night, that I can't really think of any of the silly or witty comments made. In another 15 minutes, I'll be watching Red Green with the hubby, and maybe even seeing the start of Season 5 of Red vs. Blue. I guess I'm having a colorful night. A quote about color "I got brown stuff" loud enough for the whole group to hear. How do you move a child from "tell when when you have to go" and all the proud comments of a parent working with kiddo on potty learning to "we don't talk about that"?
Red--accent color at the wedding
Orange--the glow of the fire out on the deck
Yellow--the little train Hannah played with during Mexican Train
Green--grass to play in on a lovely day
Blue--water at Chatfield res as we drove by
Indigo--Jen's shirt
Violet--the deepening dark of the sky at sunset

The gift of summer

My friend Kellieo got married today. She had to wait a long time before she found the right one, but today it was so obvious that it was worth it. She was RADIANT! And her husband lavished her with compliments and love. :) She had always wanted to get married in summer, but there was no waiting until next year. Instead, God gave a beautiful summer day at the beginning of fall to make her day just as sweet as she would have imagined.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


My sister is an incredible woman. I wish I could explain to you how great she is, but its hard to put into words. I keep getting teary just thinking about what a special person she is. My sister is a great mom. She's patient and loving. She sets a good example for her daughters in her work ethic and her faith. She is highly intelligent, but works hard at a job much below her talents and gifts because it helps the budget and allows her to be home with her kids. She is a good friend to people even when they are not kind or thoughtful.

I guess one of the best things is that I love to be around her. I see her once a week...for just an hour and a half...and then 20 or so minutes, and I plan to get my errands done around when she'll be there most of the time because I'd miss being with her. She's so comfortable to be around. Maybe that is one of the things about siblings that I love...but not everyone is blessed with this kind of relationship with their siblings.

I recently talked with a friend whose brother isn't speaking to her. Whether his reasons are good or bad--doesn't matter. How could you not speak to your sister? I am blessed to not have any clue how you could do that. Even when my sister and I had an argument of sorts last year, we worked it out. It was awkward a little at first, but then we just went back to normal. Last night we read the story of Jacob and Esau. Two brothers...who don't speak for many years (read the story if you don't know it...its interesting...start at Genesis 25:19)but eventually reconcile. That came up after I started formulating this post. Not sure why. Anyway, I love you LeAnn! I'm so glad that God gave me such fantastic sister to love.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday, Sunday

I feel like writing, but I don't have anything formulated in my head right now. What is the point of this post? YGIAGAM

I wonder if my neighbor dislikes me because I gave her daughter a Bible book. I gave it to her as a trade for a book from some Jeh Witns who stopped into our neighborhood. I didn't force my beliefs. So, to me I did a great thing by giving her a choice...she could keep the one from me or I'd give her back the book the JWs gave her (she had left it with me to look at). I was saving her daughter from a book with some strange information in it. But I didn't really look at it from the perspective that she may be more favorable of the JWs than of my faith. So, really, in her mind what I did may not be a good thing. Do I regret giving her daughter a Bible book? (it was a gospel of Mark book in kind of a comic book style which was really cool) Not a bit. I've had numerous conversations with the girl about a level she could process. We love her. She's great. I'm glad I could share my testimony with her. But I'm unsure how to proceed in forming my relationship with my neighbor. I really care about her too.

Friday, September 22, 2006

If only

exercise were this interesting, perhaps I'd be motivated to partake more often.

Monday, September 18, 2006

I saw my first

light rail car headed down the I-25 corridor on Saturday! Hooray! T-Rex is officially over, but the light rail doesn't open until November. I'm happy to see they are testing. Maybe we'll have to take the family for the opening weekend...which is free.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Why you need

an RSS feed on your blog... by Mellifluous

There once was a mom of two who was home trying to spend time with her children and sometimes get a little housework done. Well, she had this computer in her kitchen, so she often got distracted from the dishes by her computer. Qwerty, her kitchen computer, lured her in to checking her favorite blogs often to look for updates. His main purpose was supposed to be storing recipes, but he was a computer, so he multi-tasked.

Along came Microsoft...Mell's friend...who made this cool thing called Internet Explorer 7 RC1. RC1 wanted to save Mell time by keeping track of who updated their blogs using RSS feeds. Mell was happy to add many of her fav blogs to her feed page, and therefore saving valuable seconds that could be spent adding dirty dishes to the dishwasher which would in turn allow her more time with the precious children God had entrusted her with...

But RC1 couldn't help her with all her blogs, because some of her blogga buddies did not know that they had access to RSS feeds. And so Qwerty, RC1, and Mell asked her friends...

"please won't you turn on RSS feeds? Please?"

And her friends said, "

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I've taught my son a few signs, so he can communicate with me. He is using please and thank you sometimes now. :) Polite before he can talk.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I found another one!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

High Compliment

Mom, you're the best cooker ever!

Thanks Trina


I started my Sept/Oct playgroup yesterday. I had 4 ladies on my roster...I got 4 magazines and 4 handouts and a bowl full of snacks. I had 8 ladies come! This is quite the switch from last time, when I had 6 register and 2 show up the first week. Its exciting and time I'll need nametags. Babies are from 4 weeks to 4 months, and I was excited to see some ladies making connections with each other. Now for me to connect with them. Obviously this will be very different from last time. Please pray that I can make a difference in the lives of these ladies.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

First Day...

jitters. Funny that I get this more now as an adult than I did as a kid. Today was the first day in my Bible Study. Last year I was a leader, and I loved it, but this year I decided that I better take a break because of some new responsibilities I have. So, I show up...say a few "hi"s and sit down alone. I see a few friends, but they don't sit with me...and then I wonder...have I isolated myself? I had seen a few ladies that I know who go to another church. I said "hi" to them too, but was a little preoccupied, so then I wonder if they think I was cold? I enjoyed seeing them, but I wasn't sure where even to start a conversation. I go to my small group, and of course I know no one...but then a lady who was a mentor mom to me in MOPS comes, so I see at least one familiar face.

I see things from such a human perspective, and I really need to look at God's perspective. I remember being in a study and not thinking I'd like my leader, but ending up really liking her. So, this year I like my leader, but I wonder if I'll like these ladies. Its silly really! They are either believers or sojourners, and whether I like them or not, I know God will teach me through them and hopefully use me to encourage them. I shared that I was really looking forward to being in such a diverse group of women (in age and stage), but later I wondered if I meant it? Was I lying? I've always said this was important, but now I don't know if I feel that way. I went in to the study really hoping to be cared for, but now I wonder if that will happen. *sigh*

In all this, I have to laugh. This is a feeling I've had before. This is not new. Now that I've started, its time to figure out why I'm learn how to apply the Bible to my life in ways I haven't yet.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


I love Dark Chocolate M&Ms! I loved them when they came out in Star Wars bags back when Episode 3 was in the theater. I'm not one to root for the bad guys...I just don' getting past the fact that the Dark Side Ms were the ones I loved was not easy. I had a bag set aside for my special treat since I didn't know if I'd ever find any again.

Then comes July. I had my precious Alex by c-section, so I was in the hospital for a while. Both Roger's mom and my mom kept Katrina at various times for us. Roger's mom often watches our kids (just Katrina at the time) at our house, so she can put them to bed. While she was here with Katrina, she found my special treat, opened the bag, and gave some to Katrina (I'm guessing...she's not the type to have just eaten them herself)

We get home with our sweet son and within a day or so I find MY M&Ms open. I got very upset...I know I can blame hormones a little...but I spent more time on this than anyone ever should have. Thankfully, I wasn't so whacked out that I brought it up to her.

So, these special dark Ms brought out the dark side in me...I call it sin nature. Food is one of those things that I find myself getting selfish about, and so I work hard to give my man the bigger portions, make sure my kids get what they want to eat, and try to always think of others first before the food. I'm so glad that God reminds me that I still have things to learn, and that he loves me no matter my mistakes.


Alex has had a fever almost all week. I'm not sure what it was, but it is gone now. He is starting to get less whiny. :) Looking forward to him being back to 100%

sorry Ellie...I don't think it was a record, but I'll do better!