Sunday, May 27, 2007


It is not a race if I don't feel like it.
It is not a race if I don't have much chance of winning.
It is not a race if I'm grouchy.
It is a race if its my idea.
It is a race if I'm nearly at the finish line when I say go.
It is not the finish line if I choose another finish line.
It is not a race if an adult might help my brother have a fighting chance.
It is not a race if I decide I don't want to do what is at the finish line.
It is a race if my mom doesn't want me to hurry.
It is not a race if I'm avoiding bedtime.

By the way...this is not an exhaustive list!

Friday, May 18, 2007

The big 3 sequels

Spiderman 3
Shrek 3
Pirates 3

Have you seen them? Do you think they are/will be as good as the original? Which is your favorite series? Which is the best of each series?

Will I ever get to a theater to see any of them? Here's least the buck flicks...

And the fun keeps comin' your way...

yes, its enough to bring a tear to the eye of a true Denverite of yesteryear....

I still remember watching a special and when they played this song, my man got all choked up.

Looking forward to my first trip in ages tonight.... Do you know where I'm going? Speak up!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I love going to Bible Study. I love finding out that we are all broken people and that although we have different issues, it is Christ who desires to free us all from the garbage. I am coming to love these women more and more each time we meet.

Monday, May 14, 2007

A Very Veggie Mother's Day

Unique....I had a unique mother's day

I opened my gift on Saturday night since we weren't going to be home most of the day on Sunday.

I got
Me, Myself, and Bob by Phil Vischer
VeggieTales Worship CD

I love worship music, and since my kids always want kids' music, I figured what better way to combine the two than ask them to buy me something I know they will like too. That way I may get to hear it more often than just MY turn.

I finished the book last night at midnight. It was 260 pages...and like I said, I wasn't home most of the day. I'm not a non-fiction buff, but I obviously enjoyed this. Would I recommend it? Depends on who you are and how much you love Bob and Larry. The early chapters reminded me of my sweet man and really talked about the birth of Phil's dream. And the end was a good spiritual challenge. The middle outlined the rise and fall of Phil's dream, which was hard to watch but compelling. I love VeggieTales...I think I saw my first one in I was invested in really hearing what happened.

Yesterday was busy...but I enjoyed homemade ice cream, being interviewed at Elevation, and seeing my family.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Broken beds and messy floors

Its amazing what craziness can happen in 24 hours. Yesterday, while I was on the phone long distance, Alex ran around without a diaper on and ended up not only peeing but also pooping on the floor. I caught the wet spot, but somehow missed the other until Roger got home and Alex was carrying it around. :P Some people say that you just potty train kids in the summer and let them run around naked...but I don't know that Alex is going to be ready for that as much as I wish he was.

This morning, the kids decide to have a bounce fest on their beds....and Alex bounced his crib so hard that one side is now hanging down to the floor. A little scary for him...and me. The scarier part is if its fixable (it looks like it...but who knows). I'm not buying another crib at this point, but I'm so not ready to have him in a big bed. Those walls keep him safe and let me sleep peacefully knowing he can't get himself hurt...or at least too much.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

I Ah U

This week I got my first I love yous from Alex. He shows love with tight arms thrown around my neck and kisses sometimes too. But words are really special coming from a little guy who is just getting words out. He talks a lot about ball and milk and his plug. But as far as sentences go...I think its the most complex...and as far as emotions, its just priceless!

Thanks God for those sweet responses to mom!