Saturday, March 28, 2009

Book Club--the continuing saga

Evil Under the Sun--a good ole fashioned murder mystery. I didn't have it figured out ahead of time. The LOST tie is to Nikki and Paolo, so it wasn't hard to figure.

On the Road--OK...this one was a bunch of random road trips....the cool part was having part set in Denver using familiar places. I kept waiting to figure out the plot...but I never did. Some drugs, some sex, some roadtrips and an interesting friend who seemed to command attention. Dean Moriarty--an alias Ben on LOST uses---both go through a time when their command of everyone's attention is lost and no one really seems to need them anymore.

Stranger in a Strange Land--Strange is an understatment! After On the Road, I thought I was in for a nice straight forward Sci-fi. Little did I know...that a human raised on Mars could become a cult leader. I seriously don't see Jack on Lost becoming a cult i guess the title is the main connection to my show. At least I hope so....otherwise I'm expecting telekenisis to start cropping up as well as nudism. yikes

*sigh* Now I don't know what I'll read next...but whatever it is, it needs to be a little more normal.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Book Club update 2

1) I skipped On the Road for now...since I didn't want to settle for the "more sexually explicit" that was on the cover. Yucky

2) I read The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. I liked the a weird sort of way. Rand puts SOOOOO much (the book was over 700 pages) of her philosophy in it that I admit I started skimming. She doesn't believe in God....and exalts man. :P Sorry, I don't subscribe to that. But the idea of someone being true to their ideals kept me reading.

3)After a break (so I could see my family ;) ) I picked up Are you There God, It's Me Margaret. I'm debating if I read this before. Some of it seemed familiar, but really....its about that awkward preteen stage....which doesn't bother me, but I wouldn't want my son reading. It is also about her search for God, which was sad to me. At least she didn't completely give up at the end.

4)I just finished Bad Twin last night. This is a true LOST was written by an author who was on the plane they crashed on. It was a mystery. Which was interesting. It also had tons of LOST references in names, places, numbers and so on. It made me smile.

5) Next up some Agatha Christie. I haven't read her since a 6th grade slumber party when the girls wanted to watch the Shining. I'll take a scary book over a scary movie...I guess my imagination isn't as vivid as some peoples. Anyway, we'll see.