Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Cheap Seats

Somehow I made it til my 33rd year without having to buy a toilet seat. Call me lucky. Well, finally this chore came into my life and I bought the $10 special at Target. What I learned...

If you are only planning to use a toilet set for its intended purpose, then you are probably fine with the cheap seat.

If you are planning to sit on the seat (lid down of course) to blow dry your hair or wash your children in the bathtub, this cheap seat just isn't going to cut it.

In case you ever needed to know...

Friday, July 20, 2007


For mother's day, you might remember, I got a book called "Me, Myself, and Bob" by Phil Vischer. After reading that book, I was anxious to hear what Phil was doing when not voicing my favorite veggies. He started a company called Jellyfish.

So, on the jellyfish website, he has some great little short films that I started watching...and somehow Katrina heard it and wanted to watch. Well, what do you know, the next day, Katrina was asking to watch Jelly News. And the next day. And a week later she hadn't forgotten the Jelly News. And as soon as she hears the music come from my computer, she's standing anxiously by to watch Jelly News. And even during rest time, with an air conditioner and fans going, she is now standing by me waiting for the latest.

I tried to figure out how to post a direct link to a specific episode, but that didn't work out so well. My personal favorite is in the Jelly News archive under Billy Graham. Katrina's favorite is under More Fun, and it's called Bartering etiquette. Also, we recommend The Year of thePig and Candy Month. Enjoy a good laugh this weekend, care of me from Jellyfishland!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Well, Roger was back to work yesterday after 3 lovely weeks at home with us. Talk about transition! Both kids had used their screen time by 9am, so I was worried. The day turned out to be ok though. Today has been harder, I think. They woke up too early, and so I didn't have time to exercise or have quiet time before they woke me up. If it wasn't so hot outside it might be better...but in this heat (they are predicting 100 today) we won't go anywhere without AC. Right now we're huddled in the living room under our little room AC waiting it all out.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I don't get it

I went looking for some sandals this evening. I only went to 2 places, but one was a shoe warehouse. Frankly, it was obscene how many different types of shoes are out there! I mean, people, they are SHOES! You should be looking at my face, not my toes!

I want something comfortable. And I even tried on a pair of Sketchers that I liked...but I couldn't figure out if I could pull them off. Really, I'm about twice the age of your general high school sophomore, and the last thing I need as a volunteer with high schoolers is another reason for them to mock me. I know better than to try to dress too young, so maybe sometimes I don't stay in style as much as I could because I don't want to try too hard.

So, at my age could I pull off these Sketchers? The world may never know, since I ended up paying less than $6 for a pair of sandals that I hope will get me through the year. OK, I was proud that I paid so little for them, but maybe they were on sale because they are very unhip. Ah, well, I don't care too much if they feel good on my feet, and they don't make my size 10s look like boats. (Yes, I have a firm foundation.)

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed my rant about shoes! I know I have.

Monday, July 09, 2007


So, I have never been a neat-freak. No, I've always been a clutterbug. I would keep stuff for reasons that make no sense to me, but since I've had it this long, it must have been important. I sound old when I say this, but really, it started when I was young. Also, I'm pretty nostalgic, so if I remember who gave it to me, it is hard for me to part with it even if I don't really like it.

Well, a friend of mine suggested I check out the Fly lady. I had actually joined the Fly Lady group before, but I never got the emails and never really got past the first day or two. Since I had it suggested to me again, I figured I'd give it a try.

I first realized this must be helping when I asked Roger what I should pick up at the store, and he said, "We seem to be missing a couple of bags of clutter. Maybe you should pick some more up."

Now within the last week, my 4 year old has shined my sink 3 times...just to make me happy.

So, I feel like a few of the testimonials I get border a tad bit on the cultish side. Fly lady routines are simple and are totally helping me. I feel like God is really helping free me in so many ways in recent weeks, and this is just a nice addition to all He is doing in me. Its God that's helping me, and he's using this nice lady's stuff. I worry about some of these ladies... But all in all if you were not Born Organized and you need a little help, I suggest trying it out...even when some of it sounds silly. I've adapted things... For me, just getting dressed in the morning helps me get more done...but I can't wear shoes in my house in the summer...we don't have central air, and I'd just be miserable. Part of my freedom is not in obeying the rules for rules sake, but seeing what really motivates me and using that to make my house more liveable for the whole family.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

2 birtday

I haven't ever known such a little one with real excitement about his 2 birtday! A few days ago he could barely sleep for saying it over and over in his crib. Now, its hard to imagine its over....well for now. My little buddy has a birthday party on Saturday still to look forward to, but now when he says he's two, I don't have to qualify it.

Alex likes: balls, baseball, soccer, fuhball (he says this in a lower voice), the sand box and the new ride-in car he got from Gramma and Pa. He likes Bob (VeggieTales) and bubbles.

When his 2 balloon got caught in a gust of wind and flew away, he handled it fine. He just said byebye. His sister, however, was distraught. And even mentioned it at prayer time.

I am overly optimistic about his potty training. He is definitely interested, but I don't want to push it. Especially now that I know how hard the process is... I'm working to let it be his idea.

Its hard to imagine that I was just in the hospital recovering from a c-section just two years ago. I hear it keeps going faster. When I look at my kiddos, I believe it. Lord, help me savor it!