Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Broken beds and messy floors

Its amazing what craziness can happen in 24 hours. Yesterday, while I was on the phone long distance, Alex ran around without a diaper on and ended up not only peeing but also pooping on the floor. I caught the wet spot, but somehow missed the other until Roger got home and Alex was carrying it around. :P Some people say that you just potty train kids in the summer and let them run around naked...but I don't know that Alex is going to be ready for that as much as I wish he was.

This morning, the kids decide to have a bounce fest on their beds....and Alex bounced his crib so hard that one side is now hanging down to the floor. A little scary for him...and me. The scarier part is if its fixable (it looks like it...but who knows). I'm not buying another crib at this point, but I'm so not ready to have him in a big bed. Those walls keep him safe and let me sleep peacefully knowing he can't get himself hurt...or at least too much.


At 4:07 PM, Blogger Emily said...

OH! that's so unfair! (about Alex pooping!) ok, i know it's not my fault, but- as the person on the other end of the long-distance call- I'M SORRY. oy! what a thing to deal with.

i totally hear the crib thing, too- having those sides on the bed gives you just a bit more control, and until he's ready, you need that. i'll be praying for an effective fix.

i love you! hang in there.

At 9:00 AM, Blogger Phyllisa said...

Oh! How I can empathize! And as much as I hate to say it, even when he's potty trained, there's a good chance he won't hit the toilet! Both my boys still struggle with that sometimes, it's gross. Hannah pooped on the floor recently, but then was kind enough to try and cover it with toilet paper before running away. What a difference between boys and girls!
I understand your dilemma about the crib too. Nathan ruined ours in his attempts to dismantle it with a screw driver back when Daniel was using it. We were going to buy a new one for Hannah, but her room was the guest room. She had to be moved back into our room so often that we just used the pack and play for her. By the time the basement was finished, she was just about ready for the toddler bed, so there was no point. Now Joe and I are debating spending the money on a crib for AJ. Joe feels that since the playpen worked just fine for Hannah it will for AJ too. I'm thinking that it will be a lot more comfortable for all of us if he was in a crib. *sigh* Time will tell I guess. Good luck! You're doing great! Remember that the high points are worth the lows. :)


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