Monday, May 14, 2007

A Very Veggie Mother's Day

Unique....I had a unique mother's day

I opened my gift on Saturday night since we weren't going to be home most of the day on Sunday.

I got
Me, Myself, and Bob by Phil Vischer
VeggieTales Worship CD

I love worship music, and since my kids always want kids' music, I figured what better way to combine the two than ask them to buy me something I know they will like too. That way I may get to hear it more often than just MY turn.

I finished the book last night at midnight. It was 260 pages...and like I said, I wasn't home most of the day. I'm not a non-fiction buff, but I obviously enjoyed this. Would I recommend it? Depends on who you are and how much you love Bob and Larry. The early chapters reminded me of my sweet man and really talked about the birth of Phil's dream. And the end was a good spiritual challenge. The middle outlined the rise and fall of Phil's dream, which was hard to watch but compelling. I love VeggieTales...I think I saw my first one in I was invested in really hearing what happened.

Yesterday was busy...but I enjoyed homemade ice cream, being interviewed at Elevation, and seeing my family.


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