Monday, September 18, 2006

I saw my first

light rail car headed down the I-25 corridor on Saturday! Hooray! T-Rex is officially over, but the light rail doesn't open until November. I'm happy to see they are testing. Maybe we'll have to take the family for the opening weekend...which is free.


At 12:25 PM, Blogger Emily said...

so i was at home in indiana for about a week after my dad's heart surgery. my sister took the car back to chicago bc she had to work. that left me at home without a car. and i realized for the first time how the CTA is truly an integrated part of my life. There were many times i'd catch myself thinking "i'll just go over to XXXXX after lunch- oh, crud. that's right. no bus. no train." sure, there's this little trolley thing that runs from elkhart to goshen, so my dad can take it to work, but it isn't like the cta/pace/metra system where i can basically get to anywhere from anywhere any time any day. i missed public transportation greatly, even with its sometimes dirty train cars or busses that are 25 minutes late. public trans really got shafted in the US; i'm glad that denver is still working to implement some sort of mass transit to and from the city.


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