Saturday, September 30, 2006

I'm blogging this

We had a busy day today...plans with friends after the wedding. It was a fun night. I wore my "I"m blogging this" t-shirt, but it was such a low key relaxing night, that I can't really think of any of the silly or witty comments made. In another 15 minutes, I'll be watching Red Green with the hubby, and maybe even seeing the start of Season 5 of Red vs. Blue. I guess I'm having a colorful night. A quote about color "I got brown stuff" loud enough for the whole group to hear. How do you move a child from "tell when when you have to go" and all the proud comments of a parent working with kiddo on potty learning to "we don't talk about that"?
Red--accent color at the wedding
Orange--the glow of the fire out on the deck
Yellow--the little train Hannah played with during Mexican Train
Green--grass to play in on a lovely day
Blue--water at Chatfield res as we drove by
Indigo--Jen's shirt
Violet--the deepening dark of the sky at sunset


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