Sunday, April 20, 2008

Interesting morning

On Thursday night I was told I had a message from one of my bosses, and I thought I got the gist of it. I emailed the ladies in my playgroup to warn them about parking issues, and got to the hospital early. When I got there, I found that my room was being used. After calling around with no luck, I finally decided to listen to my message. My boss had told me to cancel the class because of all the issues. *sigh* I was blessed that they found us a room across the street, so the ladies in my group hadn't braved the parking for nothing. Unfortunately, at least one mom missed the group because the message didn't get passed on to her.

When we got to the room they assigned to us, there were workmen in it, so we had to switch to ANOTHER room. Then, as my speaker began talking (she was talking about singing with and to your baby) the workman start using a very loud drill. It wasn't for long, thankfully, but it sure made for a nutty morning.

Later that morning I went grocery shopping, and the power was out at the grocery store, so I shopped in the dark and had to guess where my cold food was based on my memory.

I hope I don't have to redo a morning like that for a long time!


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