Friday, July 15, 2011


Sequels are hard for me. Often they take characters I love and show me that they didn't have the happy ending I wanted for them.

Pirates of the Carribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
They should have just let Elizabeth and Will live happily after returning Capn Jack to the sea.

Speaker for the Dead
I want Ender to really find happiness with the Hive Queen and the Piggies and a new family of his own.

Why on earth did they have these straight to DVD sequels?????

So this week when we got to the end of Season 2 of Chuck, I wondered...will I regret that I am still watching? I've heard such mixed reviews. Should I just leave Chuck and Sarah in love and Chuck updated with Intersect 2.0?

Life isn't really happily ever after. We don't reach a point where we stop having issues or problems whether great or small. On this earth, even some of the greats had sad, sad endings.

David--a man after God's own heart, but with a screwed up family and a dead son who tried to kill him.

Solomon--wisest, but obviously didn't apply the wisdom to himself.

Princess Diana--we wanted so many things for her...but she ended up run-down in a tunnel.

In my heart though, I still long for those happy endings because I believe in the ultimate happy ending. My life here ends, and I spend eternity with my Savior: no sin--just perfect unity.


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