Saturday, March 28, 2009

Book Club--the continuing saga

Evil Under the Sun--a good ole fashioned murder mystery. I didn't have it figured out ahead of time. The LOST tie is to Nikki and Paolo, so it wasn't hard to figure.

On the Road--OK...this one was a bunch of random road trips....the cool part was having part set in Denver using familiar places. I kept waiting to figure out the plot...but I never did. Some drugs, some sex, some roadtrips and an interesting friend who seemed to command attention. Dean Moriarty--an alias Ben on LOST uses---both go through a time when their command of everyone's attention is lost and no one really seems to need them anymore.

Stranger in a Strange Land--Strange is an understatment! After On the Road, I thought I was in for a nice straight forward Sci-fi. Little did I know...that a human raised on Mars could become a cult leader. I seriously don't see Jack on Lost becoming a cult i guess the title is the main connection to my show. At least I hope so....otherwise I'm expecting telekenisis to start cropping up as well as nudism. yikes

*sigh* Now I don't know what I'll read next...but whatever it is, it needs to be a little more normal.


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