Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Preview Day

Well, today Trina has school all day...she has a field trip and is excited for her first ride on a school bus. She's there right now. I know she is having long as the walk isn't toooo long.

Today, Alex and I get to see what next year will look like. What is it like being just the two of us all day long? How will a boy who has had a sibling to entertain him from the beginning feel about being the only kid? And how will mom handle being the entertainer again?

So far, Alex turned down Hot Chocolate with dad to come home. He has a cold, so that's the only reason that makes any sense to me. His first desire....make banana bread with mom. No problem. Now he's exploring the toy box. So far so good...but it's only 10:25....we have until 4:45 til the rest of our family gets home.

Stay tuned to see how many things I'll have to schedule in our week next year just to keep my boy happy and occupied and learning and not driving me batty!


At 11:27 AM, Blogger all up in each others bizness said...

lol........i LOVE my time alone with Jack...he plays great.....were always in for some play get togethers...theres several jump places i want to take jack to..u interested? it's about 7.25 for an hour and a half i think...depending where you go......


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