Sunday, July 01, 2007

2 birtday

I haven't ever known such a little one with real excitement about his 2 birtday! A few days ago he could barely sleep for saying it over and over in his crib. Now, its hard to imagine its over....well for now. My little buddy has a birthday party on Saturday still to look forward to, but now when he says he's two, I don't have to qualify it.

Alex likes: balls, baseball, soccer, fuhball (he says this in a lower voice), the sand box and the new ride-in car he got from Gramma and Pa. He likes Bob (VeggieTales) and bubbles.

When his 2 balloon got caught in a gust of wind and flew away, he handled it fine. He just said byebye. His sister, however, was distraught. And even mentioned it at prayer time.

I am overly optimistic about his potty training. He is definitely interested, but I don't want to push it. Especially now that I know how hard the process is... I'm working to let it be his idea.

Its hard to imagine that I was just in the hospital recovering from a c-section just two years ago. I hear it keeps going faster. When I look at my kiddos, I believe it. Lord, help me savor it!


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