Monday, February 04, 2008


No, I'm not talking about the movie that came out this year. I'm talking about the Giants with Eli Manning at the helm winning the Super Bowl. I'm also talking about Charlie Brown catching the Coke balloon. I have no particular ties to NY or fact, I've never been to either place. Neither team is my Broncos, so I didn't REALLY care. But somehow I started to care a little.

Sorry, MLE, I just couldn't cheer for Mr. Perfect. They just kept showing Mr. Perfect with his perfect season and his perfect supermodel girlfriend, and his perfect modelling shots. And I just wanted the "real" guy to win. I mean, Eli may be a big time football player, but he married his college sweetheart, his brother has all the big endorsements, and his own town didn't like him all that much. Win one for us regular folk who have regular lives! And they did. :)

And Charlie Brown was due to win....even if it was just a Coke.


At 7:51 PM, Blogger Emily said...

Actually, Cindy and I were solidly cheering and screaming for baby Manning by the end of the first half. Cuz yeah, the whole Mr. Perfect thing; plus, like you, we have this soft spot for the underdog. We wanted Eli to have a good game no matter what. When it became obvious that the Giants actually HAD a chance- well, you go, little brother, you go! What a game.


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