Monday, January 21, 2008

Thoughts from Sunday

On our brothers and sisters in Christ
We have so much fun with the believers we meet together with on Sundays. We supposed to be in a hurry to get to LeAnn's party, and we kept running in to fun people to talk to. We talked with Trina's Sunday School teachers and some other of whom takes care of a lot of things at the church and gave Trina a ride on the lift that they use to change lights and sound equipment up on the ceiling. (Alex had fun watching, but was not interested in the ride) It was hard to get going!

On football
I'm SOOOOO glad that the Chargers got whuped! I'm no Patriots fan, but I choose the lesser of two evils. My bro-in-law is trying to convince me that the whole "cheating" incident by the Patriots earlier this year was not the whole story, and that they should not be punished more than they have been. Not sure I'm convinced yet.

I really didn't care between the Packers and the Giants. The Packers' kicker went to CU, but the Giants picked up Dominick Hixon after the Broncos let him go mid season....and now he's going to the SuperBowl. Sometimes the bad really turns out good in the end.

As far as who should win the SuperBowl...maybe I'll pull for the Giants since they are the underdog. *shrug* Doesn't really matter to me...I haven't been to either place.

On family
What fun to celebrate LeAnn's birthday with lots and lots of talking. :) I may have watched less football than I expected, but I definitely don't regret it. Now, if only we could solve it all during those sessions.

On Labyrinth
We watched Jim Henson's Labyrinth last night. What a fun fantasy film. The part that hit the hardest was the JunkLady. This lady is piled high with trash, and she's trying to distract Sara from her quest to rescue her brother. The JunkLady keeps bringing Sara all her old toys and piling them up on her, so she won't remember what she was doing. Sara finally says, "It's all junk!" And then the room collapses, and she escapes to her friends. This film is 1984ish...and the things they do with Muppets is totally amazing.


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