Wednesday, January 16, 2008


On Monday, we had a pretty low key day. We didn't do much, and we didn't go anywhere. When Trina talked to her daddy late in the day, he asked what her favorite part of her day was. She said, "I ate some saltines". I laughed out loud. I knew why she said was because she was hungry and that was the only snack I'd allow since dinner was close to ready. But I decided it was very descriptive of our day.

So, it was a saltine kind of big deal...nothing to report.

How many days are like that? More than I'd like to admit. And yet, sometimes we just need to take a moment to live and enjoy the fun, silly, and lovely. Yesterday, my kids sat on the kitchen counter while I took turns dancing with them to "You are being loved" We had so much fun together!

I think the This Moment CD by Steven Curtis Chapman is my soundtrack right now.

Dancing in the kitchen with mom is one of my favorite memories from growing up...and NOW I'm the mom. And we had moments for me to sing my love and God's love to them. It was anything but saltine!


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