Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Things I'll miss

God willing, we'll be moving in the next year. We have the area in mind, and its not too far from here. But I was thinking on Tuesday about what I'll miss from this neighborhood.

1. The Belleview Gargoyles! I've mentioned them in the past. A creative person dresses up her gargoyles for each holiday, season, event! I don't see them as much as I used to, but I look forward to it.

2. The view of the mountains from Belleview and Clarkson. True beauty from the heart of the Creator!

3. Hearing the band playing at the nearby stadium from our house. Its not too loud, but just enough to make me ready to go march again!

4. Mich....our neighbor...and her family. What will we do without her knock on our door and willingness to play?

5. The place I brought my babies home to!

Home is much more than a structure, so I know so many of our memories and traditions go with us. I'm looking forward to seeing what God has planned for us next, but this place has been good for us. Thanks sweet Jesus for this home and how you've grown us while we are here. May your wisdom direct us in the next stage of our lives.


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