Tuesday, June 05, 2007


So, I had this post in my head, and just as I was pulling up my dashboard to write it, I saw the ticker on Klove say.... Bob Barker retires from "Price" and then my post disappeared.... So, can you believe that he's retiring? Kinda weird since I can remember watching him as a kid.

Anyway, my real post....
I am a part of the Elevation community at GC and one thing I loved about Elevation was the website. Why? you might ask.... Well, it wasn't really the site itself....no disrespect to its creator...but the site was clunky...made with a Mac (gag)...and generally slow. It looked nice...and that's the part I'll miss. They took the pictures for the site on Alex's dedication day. So, many of the pictures (gone now) are of family and friends who were a part of that day. If you go there now, the lower left corner has a man and woman's back...that's my dad and step-mom. Its funny because I doubt they would call Elevation home as they are used to more traditional services. Also, it makes me laugh because my dad won't touch a computer...really...whenever they come up he just says I don't do computers and shuts off the converstation (didn't really help my relationship with him when I was working at MS and my husband does tech for a living). So, sometime in June it will be redone. If you want to see the back of my folks....click here.


At 7:43 PM, Blogger Sherrie said...

together, separate?
separate, together?
one, two?
i was always confused about the elevation site and the regular grace site. actually, the identity thing with evening and morning has always confused me.
i'm happy that i'm content to live in confusion.
but i'm happier now to have read your post and to know the people whose heads those are... because at the end of the day, the people are really all that matter to god ~ and to me
love you mel, sherrie
(and my word verification was blrkkrpy and it matches all the thoughts in my comment and that makes me smile :)


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