Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Walk to Remember...

Yesterday was the Walk for Alternatives!
It was a beautiful day for a walk, and this year my family walked with me! In the past I hadn't invited them, but this year I really wasn't sure if anyone else I knew would be walking. I was kind of sad...sitting on the couch at home waiting until it was time to leave. With 10 minutes til departure, Roger decided that he and the kids would accompany me. :) In a mad rush, they got ready, and we headed out the door...a little later than I had planned, but I had someone to walk with me.

When we arrived, it was just about race time! I went to the table to register and ran into Ellie! She had come after all. So, I waited in line, and got my pledges in. They were starting the introduction as I was filling out nametags and grabbed my raffle tickets. I had pretty much given up on winning, of course, since I figured they wouldn't have gotten my tickets in since I was just arriving. They announced a number...and I glanced down to realize it was mine. I won a gift certificate to Tres Margaritas...a great Mexican restaurant...and before I'd even walked over to my family.

I saw this as a blessing from God. You see, I was the church ambassador for my church. That means I had been promoting it by making announcements in Sunday School classes and manning a table after service. I hadn't done a great job. I wanted too, but how I even ended up as ambassador was interesting in itself. So, I felt like a big failure, but I think this was God telling me that I did ok with the time I had available. Thanks God!

The walk was great and afterwards, the reward for the family was Elitch's for a couple of hours. It was a busy day with a grad party for Brittany and Meghan in the evening, but the whole day ended up being nice. My favorite part was walking the familiar walk and knowing more babies will see life this year because of my participation.


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