Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Herman's Hideaway

I had a lovely girls' weekend with ladies from my SS class. There were 7 of us. We met for dinner in Colorado Springs at a good Mexican restaurant and then headed past Canon City to the Hideaway! We arrived to a beautiful view of the mountains, two great cabins, and a bird nesting in the wreath at the front door.

This bird never got a name, but did try to join in the fun, when we opened the door. After several strange panicky minutes, the girls were able to get the bird back outside. Talk about an interesting start to the night.

Saturday was relaxing. We had a terrific breakfast made by Becky...waffles...but not just any waffles. Blueberry Cashew or Chocolate Chip! We enjoyed Holly's purchase of a a retreat in a box with Beth Moore. Good challenges about love and how to love those in our lives were the topics we looked at. We had wraps for lunch looking out on the mountains and wondered if we might get rain.

Holly and I watched a movie while the others went for a walk. We enjoyed a special worship time led by Ellie. And, the rain came. I was pretty sad about it...because Becky had been preparing the hot tub, and I was afraid it would lightning and thunder for the rest of the night. God cleared it out for a perfect time in the nice relaxing...very unique...tub. After the hottub, I joined some others watching another movie.

Our Sunday was full of adventure as we rafted the Royal Gorge. This was a 4/5 level raft and the water was almost high. Somehow I ended up in the front left...which I found out later is the lead. I got more than my share of water up my nose, but all in all had a ton of fun. It was much too short...but it was father's day, so I couldn't abandon my man all day long. We headed back home with a good mix of relaxation and adventure. The best part was sharing God's love with all 7 ladies and growing with them.


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