Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Time Sucker

I think the internet...and particularly the world wide web... should be renamed the time sucker. When I think of how much time I have spent on it, I am ashamed. Sure, some is good stuff, but some is random nonsense.

Last night, for example, after my love turned in early, I did a load of dishes and one of laundry. Then I sat down at my computer to write a friend an email. After checking my list of blogs, I ended up reading about Shaun of the Dead (why CindyB, why?), the writings of Dennis Prager (ever since ConnorW abandoned the blogosphere, I've been lacking in political discourse), and looking up the female stars of Red vs. Blue. I also managed to check snopes.com for thoughts on a commercial blimp that I got an email about (and it didn't have any info).

I could have watched a movie...or at least part of one. I could have read a book...hey, even my Bible. I could have eaten a great big bowl of Extreme Moose Tracks ice cream and done even more dishes or laundry.

So now, I'm blogging when I could be showering, picking up toys, making a batch of homemade tapioca pudding (which is so superior to the canned stuff that I just can't even explain it) or more of the aforementioned laundry and dishes. (we may start having pajama and paper plate day once a week to help me catch up on these)

Should we start making our web sites tts.randomsite.com?


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