Monday, April 09, 2007


We spent some time again putting together our Easter music. We ended up with 11 tracks of really nice appropriate music for my favorite holiday. In the weeks leading up to Easter, we listened to the Very Veggie Easter CD a lot, and I fell in love with it even more. A mix of hymns, silliness, and fun. Good messages...including the sad story of the Easter cow.

The only thing missing was peeps....I forgot to get them out! We had a nice time with friends for dinner after a wonderful service at church. It was hard to see the snow though...not that I don't expect it to be chilly for Easter. I bought the white sweater for Katrina as usual. But it was hard to see the church not full to bursting! I guess the snow scared away the C/E attenders, but it was lovely anyway. And one of my favorite parts was the stage set with the empty tomb!

Thanks Jesus for dying for us...and living again for us too!


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