Monday, April 02, 2007

Easily distracted

So, its amazing to me, as I watch my almost 4 year old, how easily she gets away from the task at hand. I asked her to park all the toy cars and trucks in a parking lot...and she barely gets one in place before she is off doing her own thing.

Then I wonder if that is how God looks at me sometimes. How long it takes me to do what he asks...its humbling really.

Also, something that is distracting is the jack hammer outside in our yard. Funny how they always seem to pick naptime for the start of such loud noise. Its hard for my kids to relax with all the pounding going on...

Sometimes the things around me get so distracting I forget to relax with God and just rest. I know I need the rest, but the pounding going on nearby just keeps me on edge.

The best part about today is that God is teaching me through the annoyances around me instead of me just getting bent out of shape about them. Thanks God!


At 2:22 PM, Blogger Emily said...

thanks, lis- i marvel at how God uses children to reveal things about our relationships with God.

for example, a few weeks ago cindy was playing with one little girl who had one of those books with the electronic music- you know the kind: 5-6 buttons on the right hand side of the book and when you puch one, music plays, and it goes along with the book.

well, this little girl had a book of sunday school songs, and one of the buttons played Jesus Loves Me.
and there are 5-6 other little kids playing in a small areas, so it's kinda loud. and the electronic music box isn't very loud (i know, very abnormal...) and she's holding the speaker up to her ears trying to hear.

frustrated, she turns to cindy and says "there's too much noise! I can't hear Jesus telling me he loves me!"

thank you God for using our children to reveal to us your kingdom.


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