Friday, March 24, 2006

Spring Break Dreams

I'm dreaming of a Spring Break where
I get my house cleaned
Have a date with my husband
Read a good book
Spend family time
Talk with my neighbors
See friends
Go to a movie
Reorganize my basement
Get out and do something
And have time to relax.

Getting all of that done is merely a dream. We'll see what is done at the end this week.


At 3:27 PM, Blogger Mellifluous said...

Icyc--I did get a date with my husband, spend family time, see friends, talked with one neighbor girl, go to a movie, and we even got out to the park.

I did not get my house cleaned...but we did pick up the living room. I did not really read much this week. I didn't spend much time in the basement.

As far as relaxing...I'm not really sure if I did.


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