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First let me establish my credibility on the Overland HS teacher issue:
I student taught at Overland...yeah, that means nothing
I'm married to a a little more useful
I have actually been a substitute teacher...getting closer

OK, so I was listening to KOA yesterday. I don't do that generally unless I'm in need of traffic info. So, I was driving down I-25 during rush hour listening to KOA as people discuss the whole issue of a teacher spending 20+ minutes sermonizing his political views (LEFT) in his human geography class. Here are my answers to a few of the comments.

Would people be this upset if it were a conservative point of view that was being put forward.
You're assuming that there are conservatives in the public schools ;) --but yes, there's no question...and actually there would probably be more uproar.

People wouldn't be as upset had it been a Christian instead of a liberal
*laughs* You see, Christians in the public schools have to be so careful...they generally are very tightlipped because they know they'll get sued for more money than they can ever make in a lifetime of teaching. Very cool book called Christ in the Classroom for anyone wondering how you can keep yourself out of trouble as a Christian teacher in a public school.

One man commented that he is surprised at the uproar because this goes on all the time...not making it right...but making it very common.
He is right on. The liberals have "owned" the public schools for so long that they think they can get away with saying whatever they want (ever heard of Ward Churchill?). For a conservative, its like a "don't ask, don't tell" in the schools. In the teacher's lounge, liberals spout their viewpoint...and conservatives tend to stare blankly and wish there weren't repercussions for them speaking boldly even to colleagues.

Student Walk-outs--Why do students tend to do them?
A few students really care a ton. And the rest just a) get caught up in the emotionalism or b) see their chance for getting out of class and take it.

I find it refreshing that it is finally coming to light in even a tiny way how a liberal teacher can attempt to indoctrinate his classes. Teachers are given a high responsibility...and they are also people with personal views. Being such, no matter what your political or religious leanings, they are charged with a very delicate balance. How to present facts, teach students, and still be themselves...its no easy task. Teachers who can do it and do it well should be commended. As far as I can tell, Mr. Bennish didn't earn a commendation that particular day.


At 4:12 PM, Blogger DenverSop said...

Thank you very much for presenting the Christian teacher's perspective. It certainly seems these days that separation of church and state only applies to Christians. Everyone else is encouraged to be open about their faith any and everywhere. I'm certainly glad to see things balance out a little for once.

At 9:51 AM, Blogger Than Brown said...

I have heard by a number of conservative spokespersons the idea of doing away with "public school" all together. It is the idea that education should be a private enterprise that fosters competition. In a privatized, competitive market, schools would have the freedom to teach whatever viewpoints they wish and be rewarded for their quality (those who do a better job at educating will attract more students and federal money).

I more I think on this idea, the more convinced I am becoming that it is legitimate and worthy of examination. Competition among schools will invariably raise the basic standards of education across the board. I have a suspicion that schools taught from a Christian perspective will ultimately prove to be the better schools and be better funded...just a suspicion though.


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