Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I am a winner!

I have tried calling into KLOVE many times for different prizes, but I've never gotten through. Recently there was an opportunity to sign up for a prize via the internet--and I won! :D

How fun is that? Now I've got $25 to Family Christian, some CDs of popular and new music, and Simply Romantic Nights from FamilyLife.


At 4:17 PM, Blogger Emily said...

That's VERY cool!
My mom is one of those people that win things on the radio consistently... she actually marks on her calendar when she wins so that she doesn't call in again before her 30 days ineligibility are up. I, however, have never won anything on the radio. or on the internet, for that matter.

(Mind you, i was *supposed* to win the Sprint ProBowl sweepstakes so that my sister, my dad and I could go to Hawaii and spend the Pro Bowl weekend and game with John Elway... however, somehow my several hundred internet entries went astray, and someone else got my trip...*sigh* i hate it when someone else gets my trips...)


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