Friday, March 10, 2006

Princess at Heart

Yesterday I took Katrina and her cousin Kristin to meet my sister-in-law Renee and her other cousin Nicole to see Disney on Ice--Princess Classics. What a fun time! OK, so everything there was overpriced, but still, the show was great. I was surprised when I got choked up a couple of times. I guess some of these really are least to the little girl in me.

(That's Jasmine and Aladdin...flying on the magic carpet...hopefully you can tell they are high above the ice)

Do all girls want to be princesses? I don't know about all cultures, but lets look at princesses in these stories that are a part of our popular culture. They are important, beautiful, and they triumph over adversity...usually mean women or sometimes mean men that want to hurt them. They hit bottom...and then everything comes together for happiness and true love! I was talking to my SuperPartyFunTime with Jesus group (no, we aren't sticking with the name, Tyler) and at least one teen admitted that she'd go with us to the Princess show. This desire doesn't stop just because we are supposed to be grown up.

So, since I'm betrothed to Christ and a child of God, the King...I am a princess. He thinks I'm important and beautiful, and He will triumph over my adversity. That true love isn't the kind that is always clearly depicted in these stories, but its better. If only every girl knew that she has that REAL possibility to be a princess for all time...


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