Monday, February 27, 2006

Catching up

So, MLE went home yesterday. :(
We had a good visit :)

Friday we went to the Zoo! It was a gorgeous day, and we had lots of fun until the very end. I pushed it a little too long, and Katrina threw a huge fit the whole way from the Primate Panorama to the entrance. We did have a fun picnic, and Katrina had her first merry-go-round ride.

Saturday, Roger and I tweaked our spiritual focus for the Marriage Matters Valentine Social. Then we gave it. I think it went well...even though it was unconventional and short. It was about LOVE...big surprise... but our verse was 1 John 3:18. Love can be stated, but its really shown in action. Love is a verb. I've read a couple of posts recently on love...and real love is the hardest and the best.

Sunday was emotional. At the cafe after Elevation, Adina and I dubbed ours the crying table...but I did the most at that point.

Roger is playing Pac-Man with his Xbox360 controller hooked up to his PC...WEIRD


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