Monday, February 27, 2006

The Second Chance

So, MLE and I got to see the Second Chance on Wednesday night...10 PM showing. Only like 7 people in the theater including us on Wednesday at 10PM...but its only showing in one theater in town, so make the effort to see it.

Item 1--whoever put the trailers on this movie was CLUELESS! Can you believe that actually put a DaVinci Code trailer on any movie billed to Christians???? Somebody wake up!

Item 2--I did not find the acting distracting as it often is in Christian movies of years past. There was maybe 1 scene that didn't ring true to me...and it was very short. MLE didn't even notice that one

Item 3--I found it challenging though a bit predictable. It didn't make Christians seem perfect, so that made it refreshing.

I liked it!


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