Monday, February 27, 2006


My sweet son will be 8 months old on Wednesday, and he'll have his second surgery. The first was his circumcision...but you don't receive sedation for that. Anyway, it is a relatively minor surgery. He's having a dermoid cyst removed from near his left eye. He'll be put under general anesthesia, which I'm told is safer for him than it would be for me. So, its not a major thing...except to his mommy. maybe it will be to Roger and a few key folks...but to me it is huge.

I tend to worry. Sin nature at work. I tend to assume the worst when it comes to my family. Why? Well, for more than one reason, I suppose. The first time I was pregnant I was not that way, and I lost that baby. Somehow I think that if I assume the worst, then it can't come to be.

Because of that miscarriage, I know that God is faithful to heal us when we are broken. I know that no matter what happens to me or my family, that He will get me through. I just don't want to feel that kind of pain and loss again. It was so crushing.

So, yesterday was emotional because I finally let out a lot of that pent up emotion. I cried when my friends prayed for me...and so many of you did. And I cried when Roger was 1/2 hour late to church because I assumed that he and the kids were killed in a car accident instead of just late. (totally lame, I realize) And I cried while I fed my sweet boy. Coming up to something big like this opens up the possibilities that really exist every day. Possibilities that something could go wrong or we could lose someone we love.

So, I'd love it if you would pray for my Alex. And for me.


At 11:51 PM, Blogger Sherrie said...

Take those prayers to the bank!

You know Mel, your tears represent freedom. Freedom to accept who you are and how you feel. Freedom to be all of that with your God and your friends. I thought it was really cool that you felt that freedom at cafe ...

I'm glad we get to journey through this life together and I'm thankful for you and your precious family.

Love, Sherrie

At 12:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

MM -
Alex will do wonderful. I know it is so scary, but to the docs it is relatively routine. Remember that. And a lot of people are praying for him, so let that be a comfort as well.

Please post when he is out and doing great!

Hang in there!

At 10:38 PM, Blogger Than Brown said...

I hate fear and the worry it produces. In many ways it is the direct antithesis to trust and faith, but it is so pervasive in our human sinfulness.

I have been praying 1 John 4:16-18 often for myself lately, and I will pray it for you guys as well as you head into a "frightful" day tomorrow.

We love you dearly and eagerly await to hear how the procedure goes!


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