Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I like electric lighting. I like that I can stay up late and read. I like that even on a stormy day, I can have a bright, cheery home. Electric light gives us so much: Flexibility, more hours in the day, even on stage, it can give us heat.

But compared to the Sun, its pretty insignificant.

The Sun heats our world--without it we could not have life. The Sun gives us light...even at night as it lights the moon. The Sun on a clear day brings a warmth and brightness to the spirit that affects our whole outlook on life. It's power is immense!

We can't let the electric lights in our lives outweigh the magnificence of the Sun.

We can't let the people we love outweigh the God who sustains us.

(there are no perfect metaphors, but this one helps me)


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