Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Sometimes God talks to me while I'm doing laundry. I wish He did every single time I did laundry. Then I'd want to do laundry every day...I would beg my kids to change clothes midday...I would rush to the dryer when it insistently calls to me that the cycle is done.

It's amazing though. He has done it at the old house and again here; He has just drawn me close to Him.

Why the laundry?
Because my hands are busy, but my mind is not?
Because I'm surrounded by the boxes of clutter that need to be dealt with and remind me that He is trying to do the same in my life?
Because He has made me clean...once for always, but over and over again?

I've had deep dark conversations with Him while I'm doing laundry. Conversations that I never want to write down because I wouldn't want to admit the extent of my own brokenness. I need that so much!

But no, Rog, this doesn't mean that I won't let you do the laundry sometimes too!


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