Monday, December 06, 2010

Dear Josh,

I started praying for you before you got hired in Denver. And despite my misgivings, I'm glad you traded Cutler. I was fine to see Marshall go, and Sheffler didn't break my heart. And you drafted Tebow! And Zane! And I really trusted you with my team...and I still would if they hadn't fired you today. My only complaint was when you traded Hillis away... It has been a rotten season; we both know it. But you have a new baby girl, and I was looking forward to things coming together next season for the Broncos and for you.

I feel a lot of anger against all the haters....all the people who are glad you are gone. They never cared about the character of the team you were I could finally consider buying a calendar for my kids that would have men of integrity and high morals. These people just don't seem right to me. Hating on just isn't classy. And now they rejoice that you've lost your job. Please know, there are some of us who really do wish you well. Some of us who expect that you'll end up being successful elsewhere. Some of us who will wear a Broncos hoodie and wish it had been different.

Dear Josh...may God bless you more than Denver, this city that I love, did. All the best! MM


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