Saturday, June 19, 2010

Settling in

Well, we've had our new house for almost a month now. Wow! It sure has been a full month.

Summer is always a challenge for me. I love having Trina and Roger home, but I also feel displaced as all the routines we've established since Spring Break go away. I'm not a routine person...or I don't think of myself as one...but it's usually hard to transition. This year, the transition hasn't been hard; it's been exciting. The transition to a new house with more room for the family....with a kitchen that looks onto the family room, so I'm not all alone while I cook...the many things that both Roger and I need to do, so I don't imagine I'm doing all the work.

Honestly, I had stopped caring about our old place. It's hard to admit that I hadn't vacuumed my kids room in months...that the carpet had gotten SO bad in the living area... What had once been my home felt like it was sucking the life out of me. Of course, now that I see the townhouse with no furniture in it, there is nothing to hide all of that. It's embarassing though.

I have new joy and energy in our new place. There is a lot to do...and not much money to do it with, but I care. This is a place I will live for a long time, God willing. I want to make it nice. I want to keep it clean. I want to have people over. It's amazing!

As I sit here, Roger is cleaning the kitchen. The stress of moving gave way to a new partnership. We still have more moving in and settling in to do, but I'm excited about it!


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