Friday, September 17, 2010

The Home Team

Eventually everyone, even NickyB the die-hard Raiders fan, finds a reason to like the Broncos!

Today is NFL day at my kids' school. They are trying to generate school spirit and also get a grant/win a contest through the NFL. I saw tons of kids wearing NFL gear this morning as I was walking the kids into school.

I saw a bunch of Broncos stuff! And no question, I smiled on the teachers and kids representing the home team...OUR TEAM! The Denver Broncos! But its funny that I don't see how anyone could wear any other jersey. When I was a kid growing up in Arvada, I rarely saw another team's jersey on a classmate. Was I just oblivious? I don't think so. I think in general we were all BRONCOS fans. All but my lousy, mean gym teacher, a Raiders fan, who at least taught me proper hatred for the Oakland/LA/Oakland again Raiders.

I was really surprised by how many different jerseys I saw at school this morning. I mean I saw a major variety. It's true....I felt a little sick to my stomach to see one teacher in a KC Chiefs shirt and a kid in a Chargers jersey. I mean, barf! And thankfully, I didn't see a single Raiders shirt!

There are some things that are so ingrained that it is hard to understand anyone feeling differently. Some are a lot more important than football, but for me, football is still a big deal. I can't imagine people not liking the Broncos...and if not giving up their former allegiances, at least taking on the Broncos as their 2nd team. If you live in Colorado, rooting for the Broncos is required!

On the other hand, it doesn't matter where I live in the world, I will always be a Broncos fan. In the midst of a sea of Raiders jerseys, I'd still be in my Orange and Blue. I'd be scared to death of getting beat up, spit on, and generally tortured, but I bleed Orange. So, why am I surprised by other fans' loyalty to their team? Basically just because the Broncos are the best...why would anyone like anyone else? ;)


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