Friday, October 29, 2010

Level 1

Tonight at the Harvest Festival at school, the most popular and talked about game was a chance to win a goldfish if you got a pingpong ball into a glass jar (there were 10 or so jars). Both my kids wanted to play. Alex got to go first. He WON! And Trina went a little later. But she didn't win. Her gym teacher, however, slipped us a coupon for a fish for her too. YAY!

So guess what we needed to do as soon as the Festival was over? That's right...head over to Walmart for a home for these new friends...and food too. Roger had talked to me a while back about getting an aquarium, so we got more than the glass bowl for these 2 fish. We got the whole shooting match! Soon Suzie & Tony Knows will be able to swim free on a 10 gallon tank. Somewhere in the basement is a castle for them.

When we drove home from Walmart, Trina said, "we've reached level 1 of pet ownership!" Yes, my dear, we have. And we have to master that fully before we'll even consider level 2.


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