Tuesday, February 19, 2008

my duty

I had jury duty today. I called in Friday and found out that I would have to call in this morning at 10:15 to find out if I had to report. Then, when I found out I did have to report, we ran into a mess because Roger had an emergency at work. He arrived home just in time for me to run to duty.

I got there right at 1pm. There was no room to even stand in the room. I listened to the video taped info from the door, and finally got in to turn in my stuff. After a potty break, I walked in to hear that the case I had been assigned to was not going to be a jury trial, so I could go home.

1 hour of driving...1/2 hour at the court...and more stress than I needed.

So, I figured, at least Roger could take his car in to be looked at since he was home. Turns out....its going to be 3 times the amount we thought.

It's turning out to be a GREAT day. :P


At 1:40 PM, Blogger DenverSop said...


God will take care of it. Have some ice cream. :-)


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